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That's right, the ORIGINAL fan tumblr. This was the first tumblr dedicated to the actor Logan Lerman.

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gleekstein replied to your post: For the first time in life, I’m hoping that there…
really looking forward to Nico di Angelo!! and I want to see Thalia in action, she was so perf in the last part of the movie :)
- I agree! I am so excited for that… I’m not sure if there will be another movie though? I do have to say that the acting was still a bit underwhelming from some of the cast here but in general the movie was ten, no twenty times better than the first. It leads up to another possible movie so who knows!

genocider-chlo replied to your post: So Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters…
slightly more book accurate?
Yes! More book accurate and enjoyable. Lots of laugh out loud moments too!

For the first time in life, I’m hoping that there is a third movie because this one was so much better that it made up for the fact the first film sucked so bad!

Nathan Fillion is my king.

Douglas Smith is my favourite person on Earth at the moment.

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So Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters…


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